As you can see, this is a Seddie Tinychat Party when iGoodbye airs.

The party will start 30 minutes before the airing of iGoodbye.

All Seddiers are welcome to come.

There will be SEDDIE, Spaghetti Tacos, fun, and maybe even some crying cause iCarly is ending! XD


During the episode, you are not allowed to talk on mic or webcam so we can all hear the episode. During the episode you can type, but no talking.

After the episode, you MAY SCREAM ALL YOU WANT! XD

Here is where the party for Seddiers will be located:

The password is loveh8isgr8.

I am a mod, so if any trolls come in, I will block them.

So, if you want to come, please comment down below and I will put you on the guest list. (:

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