Freddie: S-Sam?

Sam: Come on, let's get out of here, we can go point at clouds??

Freddie: *looks at her*

Sam: It was 4 months ago, before we started to go out!

Freddie: Going to that camp was a DREAM of mine, and it would of get me into any college I wanted why did you do this to me?

Sam: I was mad at you.

Freddie: For WHAT?

Sam: Remember? I.. asked you what time it was, and you said i don't know.

Freddie: *nods* So, cause I didn't know what TIME it was, you RUINED my chance to do something amazing that could of changed my whole LIFE?

Sam: Sorry.

Freddie: *scoffs*

Sam: Come on.. don't be mad at mama.

Freddie: *puts Sam's hand down* Stop it.

Carly (from downstairs): *goes upstairs while feeling very guilty*


Carly: Okay, everyone out! Sam and Freddie need to talk ALONE!

Gibby: Why?

Carly: Cause I know your lieing Sam. Come on everyone, go downstairs and home.

Sam: *confused look on her face*

Gibby: FINE. *goes downstairs*

Ms Benson: Well IM NOT LEAVING.

Carly: Gibby, make her leave.

Ms Benson: AHHHHH! *as being dragged away by Gibby*

Carly: *leaves along with them*

Freddie: Sam.

Sam: *looks at Freddie, about to cry*

Freddie: Were over.

Sam: *trying to hold back the tears as best as she can* Okay, do you want the real reason why I ruined your application?

Freddie: Well whatever it is, it's not going to cut it. *starts walking away*

Sam: I ruined your application because I didn't want you to leave!

Freddie: *turns around*

Sam: I would miss you.

Freddie: Sam, why didn't you just tell me the truth? I would of understood.

Sam: Because I was nervous too in front of everyone else.

Freddie: You can tell me anything.

Sam: I know.

Freddie: *smiles at Sam*

Sam: *smiles back*

  • kiss, sam puts her arms around freddie's neck and freddie puts his arms around sam as if they were hugging*
  • after about 10 seconds Carly walks in on them and they stop kissing*

Carly: Well looks like someone made up, ayy??


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