I got this idea from SailorMoonStar from her/him's comment on the Seddie page.

Sam: And that is why you should never bathe Gibby in meatballs.

Gibby: *eating the meatballs in the bath tub*

Freddie: And.. were clear!

Sam & Carly: *high five*

Spencer: *screaming downstairs*

Freddie, Carly, & Sam: *run downstairs*

Spencer: OH MY GOSH. *his hand is on fire*

Carly: *takes a rag and splaps Spencer's hand*

Freddie: So... Hey Carly.

Carly: Oh hey you!

Sam: *looks at Freddie*

Freddie: So whats up?

Carly: Oh.. nothing..

Freddie: Is it too late for you to love me?

Carly: Um.. I have a boyfriend.. But, I could always break up with him...

Freddie: Okay.

Carly: Okay I have to go to the store to get some stuff for iCarly. Bye guys.

Freddie: Wait.. what do you mean.. guys? *looks at Sam* Oh my God..

Carly: Well then, I'll let you two talk, meanwhile I have to go. *leaves*

Freddie: I'll go with her. *walks to the door*

Sam: *grabs her soda* I don't love you anymore.

Freddie: *puts hand on the doorknob; realizing that Sam said that; he realses the doorknob and turns around and looks at Sam*


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