Here it is!!

There is 3 parts to iDouble Date. This is the first part. Which is pretty long...

Freddie's POV:

You know. I'm happy that Sam and I got back together. But only for a few days, and if it goes well, then I guess we can keep dating.

Sam's POV:

I hope we never break up. I missed him alot, and I can't stop thinking about him. He was the only guy that wasn't a jerk to me.

Freddie: Is Sam here?

Carly: No why?

Freddie: Good. Carly, I need your help.

Carly: What do you need?

Freddie: How do I keep Sam and I's relationship good? Like with no fights...

Carly: Well, try not to start one. Same thing goes for her to. She asked me the same question.

Freddie: Oh. Thanks. That helps ALOT. (sarcasm)

Carly: Don't start with me. Cause thats what best friends are for.

Freddie: Cute.

Carly: I told you not to start with me, you wanna go there?

Freddie: (looks at her confused)

Sam: (comes in)

Freddie: Hey S-Sam.

Sam: Hey.......

Carly: Okay, that's it. Ok, you and you both need to not start a fight and just act like a normal couple. Kay?

Freddie: But what about you and Gibby?

Carly: Whatever!

Sam: I guess she's right.

Freddie: Diddyo.

Sam: (smiles)

Freddie: (smiles back)


Carly: Okay, while you guys are working it up, I'm going to--

Gibby: Hey Carly..

Carly: WOAH.

Gibby: Hi.

Carly: Hi uh, so how are we going to work this out here?

Gibby: I dont know..

Carly: Well maybe you and I could--

Spencer: Where's the pie Marty?

Marty: Its right here.

Spencer: Is that apple?

Marty: Apple, cinnamon.

Spencer: OOH Can I have some?!

Marty: No, this is for Ms. Benson, in her face.

Spencer: But why can't I just have a little?!

Marty: Because I left this pie out for 5 days.

Spencer: Oh.

Marty: Let's go to her apartment.


Marty: YEAH!!!!!!

Spencer: (knocks on the door)

Ms. Benson: What are you--

Marty: (Throws the pie at her face)

Ms. Benson: {gasp}

Spencer and Marty: {laugh hard}

Ms. Benson: Oh {grabs a fork} You're going to get it.

Spencer: RUN!!!!!!

Spencer and Marty: {run to the lobby}

{Back in the Apartment}

Gibby: Maybe we could what?

Carly: Maybe you and I could .. ............. go out sometime?

Gibby: Oh, coool.

Freddie: Do you wnat to go out with me?

Sam: Sure.

Gibby: Hey, we can all go on a double date.

Freddie: Where? {still has his hands on Sam's wiest}

Sam: Maybe Pinis?

Carly: Oh I love their lasagna.

Sam: Ok its settled. Let's go.

Everyone: Yeah, let's go.


Hope you liked it!!! =)

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