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Hi guys! =) This is part 1 of iProm. This is just a regular 30 minute iCarly episode.

Warning: This includes Seddie. Not Creddie. If your a Creddier here to hate, get off this page immediately or I will report you. This also includes Cibby. If your a Sibbier, then get off please.

Sam's POV:

Kay. So I may not have a date to the prom. But at least I still have Carly??? Wait, no, that's not good. I need a boy, and FAST. But no guy would ever want to go out with a guy like me. I'm really hungry...... I'll go to Carly's house and see if she has any ham.

Sam: (walks through the door)

Should I tell her? Ugh, I dont know. She might laugh at me. She's my best friend. So I should tell her.

Carly: Hey Sam.

Sam: Hey, um, do you have any ham?

Carly: Haha, no.

Sam: Oh.

I didn't know what else to do, it was a really awkward moment between me and Carly. So I just sat down on the couch.

Carly: C'mon Sam, whats wrong?

I didn't feel like talking to her. But I should tell her. At least to get it out of my system.

Sam: Fine I'll tell you.

Carly: Ok what!

Sam: (sigh) ..... I don't have a date to the prom.

Carly: That's ok. Why was that a "big" thing to tell me?

Sam: Oh.. um.. 'cause you might tell Freddie.

Carly: What?

Sam: He might laugh at me.

Carly: C'mon, he's FREDDIE not some guy in jail.

Sam:............was he ever in jail?

Carly: NO!!!

Sam: Ah. But I'm still not telling him.

Carly: Ok, fine. That's your choice.

Spencer: (runs in breathlessness)

Carly: What happened to you?

Spencer: I was (breath) coming back (breath) from the (breath) hardwear store (breath) and then (breath) a guy started chasing me (breath) because I stole some of his (breath) yeast....

Carly & Sam: (laughs)

Spencer: ITS NOT FUNNY!!!

Carly & Sam: (starts laughing harder)

Spencer: Whatever!!!

The Guy: (comes in) (in a deep voice) We want our yeast back.

Spencer: (screams and runs in the bathroom)

Carly: Ok then.....

Sam: Who's your date to this stupid prom.

Carly: Devon. He's soo cute.

Sam: I can see.

Carly: Anyways I have to go to the mall to get my dress. Wanna come?

Sam: Can't cause I dont have a stupid date.

Carly: (thinks)

Sam: What?

Carly: (thinks some more)

Sam: Seriously Carly what are you thinking about.

Carly: How about I set you up on a blind date?

Sam: I dont need your help!!

Carly: Yes you do. And I'm going to get you a date!

Sam: Fine.

Carly: I'll give you the code.

Sam: What code?

Carly: To find your date at the prom.......

Sam: What??????

Okay well it wasn't the best cliffhanger but it was ok!! I hoped you like it! :D

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