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iProm Part 3

Heyy guys! This is iProm Part 3, I know you guys have been waiting for it.

Sam: Where do you wanna go?

Carly: I dont know really....

Freddie: Oh great.

Carly: T-Bo is coming back.

T-Bo: Wanna buy some pillows??!

Sam: (weird, confused face)

Carly: Pillows........

Freddie: Why did you break the pillows?

T-Bo: What do you mean?

Sam: Well theres a huge hole in the pillow..

Carly: Just go away T-Bo were trying to talk.

Sam: Ya get the heck out of here.

T-Bo: PILLOW FIGHT! (throw pillows at Sam, Carly, and Freddie)

Carly: (spits out feathers from the pillow)

Sam: You realize you just got the whole store full of pillows..

Carly: C'mon Sam, let's go to the mall and buy dresses for the prom.

Sam: But I dont have a da-- uhh.. I mean, sure!!

Carly: Let's go! (both leave the store)

Freddie: Hey, don't leave me hanging!

(At the Mall)

Carly: What do you think of this?

Sam: OMG I love it! But I don't have a date.

Carly: Yeah you do! Remember, the blind date?

Sam: Oh yeah.. what do you think of this?

Carly: Come on Sam. That's too tomboyish. What about that dress you wore to Freddie and yours date?

Sam: I got lasangna all over it.

Carly: Oh. Then how about this? It's red and it has sparkles.

Sam: (signs) Fine.

Carly: YES!

(At Sam's house)

Carly: (rings the doorbell)

Sam: Hey.

Carly: Hey. Ready for prom?

Sam: Sure. Where's my date?

Carly: OH. Um, he is at the prom.

Sam: Okay. What's that code again.

Carly: Elevator Split.

Sam: That is still the weirdest code ever.

Carly: Just get in the limo!

Sam: Ok.

Like it?? It's over. Part 4 will have more action with Sam and Freddie. =)

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