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iProm Part 5

hey guys! This is iProm Part 5

Warning: This is the last part so no more rushing me.

Freddie: YOUR my blind date?

Sam: Unfortunately.. yes.

Freddie: Why would Carly think we should get back together?

Sam: I dont know maybe because.. well what do you think?

Freddie: Well.. I will admit, I was a little more happy when I was with you.

Sam: Aww (hug)

DJ: Ok.. and now were going to bring it DOWNNNN.......

(Slow Music starts playing)

Seddie: (awkward silence)

Sam: This is the song that played when we first kissed...

Freddie: Yeah....

Carly: You're such a good dancer.

Devon: Thanks, your not so bad yourself. Hey, your really hot tonight.

Carly: Well so are you.




T-Bo: Do you wanna dance?

Mrs. Benson: Your kidding right.

T-Bo: Imma good dancer. WATCH. (twirls mrs. benson)

Mrs. Benson: You are pretty good.

T-Bo: Thanks.

Freddie: S.. Sam?

Sam: F..Freddie..

Freddie: D.. do you want to dance with me?

Sam: Wouldn't you much rather dance with Carly... (in a depressed voice)

Freddie: No. I'm asking to dance with you.

Sam: Ok.

{Seddie Slow Dance}

Freddie: Listen Sam..

Sam: Yeah?

Freddie: Breaking up with you was the stupidest thing I've ever done.

Sam: (shocked face)

Freddie: Do you want to get back together?

Sam: Well... I dont want it to go to fast. But yes, I do want to get back together though.

Freddie: Maybe after a few days we will talk about it and see.

Sam: Ok

{Slow Kiss}

Did you guys like it? I will be making a sequel to this called iDon't Know. Will you read iDont Know???  :)

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