• Livinxlife

    iOMG Speculation and other iOMG stuffs

    Alright, so many of us have been posting our speculations on the upcoming episode, iOMG. So, I decided to post what I think would happen.

    Based on the promos released, there was a scene where the iCarly trio + Brad were at the iCarly studio. Sam says something like “that sounds interesting”. I think Brad and Freddie were having this tech/nerd talk thing that later leads Carly to think that Sam possibly likes Brad. Meanwhile, during their lock-in at school, Freddie used his Mood app device on Sam which confirms that she is in love.

    Freddie then tells Carly and we see the scene on the promo where Carly says “Sam’s in love?” This made Carly think that Sam is indeed in love with Brad. We then see the two hav…

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