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January 5, 2012
  • LizardMaster178

    Hey hey! Here is Episode 3 of iMario! 'Princess Peach' kisses Mario and Luigi loses his mind! Enjoy!

    ===At home===

    Princess Peach: Bowser is one mean *BEEP!*

    Mario: *Slaps Princess Peach in the face* DO NOT SAY THAT!

    Princess Peach: Yes! Master....

    *Door Breaks Down*

    Bowser: I'm back Indians!

    Mario: Since when were we Indians?

    Bowser: In my mind. Anyway, forget about that, you have 24 hours to let me take over your webshow or I'll make you both into potato soup!

    Mario: Cool! *Ignores*

    Bowser: I thought you would be scared?

    Mario: Not scared of a big fat turtle who talks to much...

    Bowser: WHAT DID YOU SAY!?

    Mario: I said I'm not scared of a big fat turtle who talks to much......

    Bowser: WHAT DID YOU SAY!?

    Mario: I said I'm not scared of a big fat turtle who t…

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  • LizardMaster178

    Hey guys! Welcome back to iMario. 'Princess Peach' starts the biggest rage ever in history, which makes the world turn into a HUGE computer! Enjoy!

    ===At School===

    Princess Peach: Has there been the world's biggest computer before?

    Luigi: I don't think so.

    Princess Peach: I think it would be cool if there was.

    ===At Home: Webshow===

    Mario: Hey guys! Welcome to iMario!

    Princess Peach: We got a few videos from fans! Here they are!

    *Shows Videos*

    Mario: We have got big news! iMario is going up to space! *Claps Hands*

    Princess Peach: And we are going to film in are rocket!

    Mario: That's right!


    Princess Peach: How many people watched?

    Luigi: 921 people.

    Mario: Oh no! I want more viewers!

    ===Going to Space===

    Luigi: *Finds a book, reads* Hey guys!…

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  • LizardMaster178

    Hey guys! Here is my own show called: iMario. Mario has two friends called Princess Peach and Luigi Benson. Enjoy!

    Princess Peach: *Grabs Boy* Why did you say I'm not beautiful?

    Boy: Because you aren't!

    Princess Peach: Excuse me!?

    Boy: I mean you are!

    Princess Peach: Thank you idiot! *Let's go off of Boy*

    *Mario Walks Up*

    Mario: What was you doing Princess Peach!?

    Princess Peach: That boy called me ugly!

    Mario: It doesn't give you a right to grab him and starting saying things to him. *Boys quickly runs up to Mario and gives him a note saying: Princess Peach is a ugly *BEEP!*

    Princess Peach: What does that say!? *GETS ANGRY* COME HERE BOY NOW!

    ===Opening: Leave It all to OCD: By iSmoothie Cast Ft. Victoria Justice and Justin Bieber===

    Mario: I know, you su…

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