Hey hey! Here is Episode 3 of iMario! 'Princess Peach' kisses Mario and Luigi loses his mind! Enjoy!

===At home===

Princess Peach: Bowser is one mean *BEEP!*

Mario: *Slaps Princess Peach in the face* DO NOT SAY THAT!

Princess Peach: Yes! Master....

*Door Breaks Down*

Bowser: I'm back Indians!

Mario: Since when were we Indians?

Bowser: In my mind. Anyway, forget about that, you have 24 hours to let me take over your webshow or I'll make you both into potato soup!

Mario: Cool! *Ignores*

Bowser: I thought you would be scared?

Mario: Not scared of a big fat turtle who talks to much...


Mario: I said I'm not scared of a big fat turtle who talks to much......


Mario: I said I'm not scared of a big fat turtle who talks to much.........


Mario: *Hits Bowser with huge hammer*

*Bowser leaves*

Princess Peach: Thank god!

Mario: Ikr.

===5 Hours Later: Webshow===

Princess Peach: Hey Loser Fans!

Mario: Don't say that! Anyway, we are going on a cruise to.........CANADA!

Princess Peach: Yep! And we will do are webshow from there!

===Next Day: Cruise===

Mario: It's been 24 hours and Bowser doesn't know where we are! Lol!

Luigi: Ikr.

Princess Peach: Mario! Stop talking so much chatterbox!

Mario: *Slaps Princess Peach's Face* DON'T SAY THAT!

Princess Peach: *Cries*

===In Cruise Room===

Princess Peach: *Cries*

*Door Opens*

Mario: I'm so sorry Princess Peach!

Princess Peach: Go away! I don't even want to look at you!

Mario: Sometimes I can be a idiot! Please forgive me!

Princess Peach: Alright! *Turns around and kisses Mario*

Mario: *Surprised*

Princess Peach: Um, sorry.

Luigi: *Looking through window* NOOO! I THOUGHT SHE LOVED ME! I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!

To be continued.....

Well, that was bit of a twist! Comment below what you think will happen in Episode 4: iQuit iMario.



Peaches and Mario Love by SaladBowl

Princess Peach Kisses Mario.

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