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my verision of istill psycho
  • carly sam and freddie are trapped in noras basement
  • sam and freddie are a couple again
  • carly: we got to get out of here
  • sam: DUH
  • everyone is sitting on the ground
  • sam: this floor is to hard
  • sam: can i sit on your lap
  • freddie:sure go ahead
  • sam: thanks
  • carly: why does that window have to be so strong
  • sam:wait
  • freddie and carly:what
  • sam:i have an idea
  • carly: whats the idea
  • sam: me and freddie make out while you think of a plan to get us out of here
  • freddie: no we have to help out
  • sam: ok but at home
  • freddie: ok
  • nora comes from up stairs
  • nora: HEY FREDDIE
  • freddie: what nora
  • freddie: beacause i dont like you
  • sam: yea he loves me get it nora LOVES MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • nora: he might love you but might not after he has to kiss me
  • sam and freddie: WHAT?
  • nora: yea get it sam KISS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • sam: DOOD
  • freddie grabs sam and pulls her back
  • sam: no yea
  • carly: sam its the only way
  • sam: i rather saty here locked than let some chik kiss my freddie
  • freddie walks over
  • freddie: sam i have to
  • sam: no
  • freddie: its the only way
  • sam: fine
  • sam: but do not hold her waste like you do to me and only for 5 seconds now go
  • freddie is discusted
  • freddie: here we go
  • nora keeps geting closer to kiss him
  • but before
  • sam jumps on nora and slaps her
  • carly rushes over to grab her phone from noras pocket
  • and calls the police
  • after a few min of nora being passed out
  • the cops comes and take her
  • freddie: thanks for saving my life again
  • sam: yea yea
  • sam and freddie kiss
  • mrs.benson: comes
  • sam: oh no
  • freddie: mom
  • mrs.benson: are you ok
  • freddie: yea im ok
  • mrs.benson: oh i didnt know puckett was here
  • freddie: mom
  • mrs.benson: ok ok hi sam
  • sam: yea oook me and freddie are going to make out now bye
  • mrs.benson: wait
  • carly: come on mrs.benson freddie loves her at least hes happy
  • mrs.benson: oh your right ok then good day
  • sam and freddie are on the porch
  • freddie: do you still want to be my girlfriend
  • sam: yeaaaa
  • sam and freddie make out
  • the cops walk by
  • cops: awwwwwwwwww
  • sam: hey get out of here
  • freddie smiles and keeps kissing her
  • well thats it please comment :)

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