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    iPsycho Wars

    June 10, 2013 by Ljmendones

    Hi I'm Luis I'm from the Victorious Wikia but I love creating FanFictions especially in Victorious, so I'll give it a try. 

    PLOT: Mandy the pshycotic girl who was iCarly's past Manager finds a way to get back on iCarly so she could continue their friendship, along the other side Nora the psychopath girl who kidnapped iCarly crew has find a way out of prison to get back and avenge on them. 


    • Nighttime at Prison* 
    • Nora wakes up* 

    Nora: Now, how's a good way to escape? *Nora saw the sleeping guard's keys by his lap* This dumb guard doesn't know how to work *gets the keys* *Opens the cage* I'm coming home my dear chicken! I'm out! *Runs freely* 

    • Mandy's house* 

    Mandy: If I could just get pass the firewall! 

    Mandy's mom: Mandy! Dinner's ready! 


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