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  • I live in Warblerland
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Warblerette
  • I am Female 0.o .....Duh....
  • LostInWarblerland


    June 10, 2011 by LostInWarblerland

    Yes a blog all about Harry Potter.

    Cause the film is coming soon and its the last one :(.








    Anyway, who is your favorite character??

    Mine is Luna :D

    What book is your favorite?

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  • LostInWarblerland


    So what have been your favorite cliffhangers in different tv shows?

    These are mine

    3.The Mentalist


    1. Castle (Soo sad :( )

    Sooo what are yours?



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  • LostInWarblerland

    I tend to like Love/Hate relationships or funny arguing relationships

    Example: Seddie, Beacuse the fighting is sweet.

    Puckleberry, Cause they argue sometimes and its sweet.

    But i like some and only some cute relationships

    Bartie, Just cause i mean its sweet.

    Klaine, Awww

    Cibby, even though they may not get together its still sweet

    But what do you like?

    PS i do like creddie friendship and i dont want to start a war or something so no fighting please.

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  • LostInWarblerland

    Doctor Who

    May 1, 2011 by LostInWarblerland

    Soo this blog is for people who watch Dr Who. And the new series is really good at the mo.

    So who do you think River is?

    Amys daughter?

    A time lord?

    Or something else?

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  • LostInWarblerland

    iOMG Part 2 Part 3

    ____________________________Freddies POV_____________________

    "I- Yo- Bu-" I tried to speak

    "Sorry" Sam said

    "Its cool" I replied lost for words

    "I need to clear my head" I said in the nicest way possible

    "I need Fried Chicked" Sam replied then left.

    I was still stood in the same spot when I heard someone come out.

    "What happened?" I heard Carlys voice say

    "Sam kissed me" I replied

    "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" she asked

    I turned to her "I really don't know, please help" I said, she looked at me and took a step foward

    "You'll figure it out, but you need to do it alone and I need to help Spencer out of a box" she said smiling then she reached up and kissed my cheek, and turned and left.

    I sat on the ground with my back to theā€¦

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