Um ok I I'm gonna change the way this is written out I don't own any of this

Sam and Freddie walk back to Carlys

Carly: Hey guys

Sam and Freddie:Hey Carly

  • the phone rings Carly picks it up*

Carly:Hello.......oh hi grandpa..….Yes I'm fine……Yes Spencers looking after me………I know I know I'll see you then bye I love you

Sam:What was that about Carls ?

Carly:Nothing my Grandpa was just making sure i was ok before my visit to Yakima before Christmas

  • Spencer runs in*

Spencer:Granddaddy was on the phone did you tell him about the leprecuans inthe bathtub

Carly:Yes and no there is no such thing as leprecuans

Spencer:Aye there is

  • Spencer runs off*

I know this part is boring but in order for my wake up spencer and for seddie to start happining so sorry Merry Christmas Eve

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