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Carlys POV

Sam was asleep hugging a ham i was on the couch next to her and Spencer was doing Spencery stuff when Freddie walked in he's been doing that quite alot recently i think Sam is rubbing of on him "what up Carly" he says looking at sam smiling I felt a pang of jelousy "nothing much" i replied with a smile then Spencer ran in "Caaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllyyyyyyyy" he said "yes" i replied "can we please please do the tree please" he said "Sams still asleep though" i replied "i'll wake her up" Freddie said then he walked over to Sam leant over and said "Sam quick some-one is stealing your ham" Sam then sat up so fast that she banged heads with freddie "liar" she said rubbing her head "we doing the tree now Carls" "yup" i reply.

Twenty minutes later we had finished the tree and Sam was telling Freddie to take her to get a smoothie "take me to Groovy Smoothie Fredwad" "magic word" he said "ughh alright then please" she mumbled "fine" he said "you coming Carly ,Spencer" "nah bring me a smoothie back though" Spencer said on his way to his room "Carly ?"Freddie said looking at me "no im gonna stay here and make sure Spencer doesn't set anythig on fire" "Okay" he replied while being dragged out the door by Sam.

If you like this i will post more

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