I woke up the next morning with a exellent prank I looked at my alarm 5:35 yes just enough

time I got up and changed into some fresh clothes then I made my way to Freddies.

When I got there Lewbert was at the desk cleaning his feet he looked at me " NO TEENAGERS IN MY LOBBY"

he screeched "alright alright" I replied then he started biting his

Nails. Ewwww. When I got to Freddies door I picked the lock then I went inside I walked to where I guessed Nubets room room was .

I was right (well there was a sign that said Freddwards 

Room) I slowly opened it and almost laughed out loud Freddie looked hilarious asleep sighing I went over to his alarm.

Then I switched the alarm off and made it so the clock said

12:37 then I walked over to his calander and crossed of four days ha now he'll think he's late for the big test then I

switched all the clocks in the house even the computers and tv

Then wallked over to Carlys waiting for the mayhem to begin.

When I walked into the Shays I saw Spencer building somthing while Carly cooked breakfast she looked up as I

walked in "just in time Sam I cooked to much bacon" mmmmm bacon

I smiled at the thought and Carls laughed "so what ya building Spence" I said as I sat down "A real life robot " he replied I raised my eyebrow

"k" I said then Carly sat down a plate of

Bacon yum I thought as I dug in

ten minuets layer I was done " yum" I said " come on or we'll be late for school " Carly said " let's get Freddie" " yeah" I reply grinning

we said bye to Spencer then Carly knocks on freddies door a minuet later we heard alot of crashing then Freddie appeared at the

door "what's wrong Freddie" Carly said worried "we've missed the big test" he replies out of breath "no we haven't " Carls says slightly

worried "nu uh " I say to Freddie " it's not Friday yet" holding in the laughter becomes to hard and I fall on the floor laughing

" I ---- c-- changed the --- time -- on all your stuff--- in your house" I say between fits of laughter " hmphh" Frednub says and flounces of

" w- wait". I say then I get up and follow him .

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