The next day

I walked into school and went over to my locker and heard

someone come over to me and tap my sholder i turned around

and saw Freddie smiling "Hey Sam" he said "Nerd" i said and

smiled back at him then Carly came up "why is everyone staring

at you two" she said then i realised they were staring and

whispering too "the auditions last night they sang together" a voice

said we turned it was Gibby "YOU WHAT"Carly said "i was

watching Spencer he set his new gold fish on fire and then

the sink burst into flames and to top it all of the cat in the wall

had kittens" "Breathe Carly Breathe" i said she sucked

in a breath and slowly let it out then she walked off with Gibby

Freddie shock his head "ill see you later yeah my moms away

so we can practice k" freddie said "okay" i replied "Glee ya

later" freddie laughed at my form of speak then the bell rang.

I knocked on Freddies door it opened almost immedialty "hi"

we said at the same time " Come in "he said "thanks" i replied

i went in and sat down there were drinks and snacks out

(Ham ,Fried Chicken ect my faves) "soo wha songs are we

gonna do " i said eating ham in one hand chicken in

the other he smiled at me " songsyou" he replied "same" i said

"You looked happy" freddie said "huh" i replied "you looked

happy when you were singing very well might i add" he

said i smiled sadly "i havent sung in a long time"i said quielly

"Why" he asked i looked at him and felt like i could tell him

"i stopped when my dad died i used to sing to him all the

time" i said freddie put his arm around me "i still write songs

though so thats what imma sing" i started crying whoops

"Im sorry Sammy " freddie said and hugged me and lay back

on the sofa and i fell asleep with freddie stroking my hair


I woke up to the smell of bacon...Mmmm bacon I rolled of the sofa

and stood up and almost collapsed with laughter 

Freddie looked startled "your hair" I said between fits of laughter his

hair was stuck up in little tufts then I remembered last night 

So I walked up to him grabbed a hand full of his t-shirt he gulped

"tell anyone about last night and I'll destroy you 

Galaxy wars poster" his eyes widened then I let go of him

and grabbed a piece of bacon then there was a knock at the door

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