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Unknown:heading 2

Sam:heading 5


Spencer:Bold underlined


Then she kissed me ........

"Wh--w-what did you do that for"

"To show you that i love you why did you not like it was it bad do you not love me ?"

I looked into Carlys eyes and saw that they were filling with tears '"of course i love you Carly 'jus-"

i was cut of by banging in the living room me and Carly ran in to see Spencer and Gibby trying to

run from a angry Sam

"why is there NO food here"

"we havent been shopping yet"


then she threw a apple at my face "Hey what did i do "

"You scared the apple so it said "Hey Sam throw me at that nerdy looking dude over there" so i said "Sure Thing buddy" and threw it at you"

"Cause that makes scence"

"Hey Guys stop it " Carly cut in grinning

"Why you smiling so much Carly"

"Because me and Freddie are dating"


"Mew Mew"

The cat in the wall started mewin-


"What cat in the wall ?"

"you know what cat "

"Yeah i was just bored"

Hope you like

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