iOMG Part 2 Part 2

_____________________Carlys POV_________________

Sam kissed Freddie

Freddie kissed Sam

Sam and Freddie kissed

OMG they kissed.

Sam and Freddie pulled away and I watched them talk, trying to read their lips when Sam walked in to the classroom, I tried to speak "Carls not now, please" she said and left, and I know I should have chased after her, but she needed time and I respect that, so I went to talk to Freddie.

"What happened?" I asked softy, he turned around

"Sam kissed me" he replied.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" I asked he looked at me

"I really don't know please help" he said, i looked at him

"You'll figure it out" i said "but you need to do it alone and in need to help Spencer out of a box" I kissed his cheek then I left.

I walked into the classroom where the project was and saw Spencer asleep in the box and Gibby and Brad talking about fudge, I walked up to the box and hit it causing Spencer to wake up.

"Gibby please open the box" I said, then the box opened.

"Spencerineedyourhelpcausesamkissedfredddieand" I started saying quickly

"Whoa slow down sis, start from the begining" Spencer said, I took a breath

"I need your help cause Sam kissed Freddie and now Sam wondered off and I'm worried about her but I know she won't talk to me cause I'll be all girly and can you talk to her please?" I said.

Spencer looked at me "Sam freddie kiss me talk to her?" he said confused, I nodded

"Please" I asked "Ok I'll be back in a while" and he stood up and left, he really is the best brother ever.

______________________Sams POV_______________

I was torn out of my thoughts by a knock at the door, I sighed

"Go away Carly" I said

"Im not Carly, I'm Spencer" Spencer said as he walked in.

"So did Carly send you?" I asked

"Pthhh NO!" Spencer lied

"So what do you want?" I asked him, as he sat next to me.

"To tell you to talk to Freddie and tell him how you feel, you might be suprised by what he says or if not talk to someone who knows how you feel" I looked him and stood up

"Thank you Spencer" I said and hugged him then left the classroom

Part 2 Next is Freddies POV

P.S do you want a happy ending or a sad ending or both?

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