iOMG Part 2 Part 3

____________________________Freddies POV_____________________

"I- Yo- Bu-" I tried to speak

"Sorry" Sam said

"Its cool" I replied lost for words

"I need to clear my head" I said in the nicest way possible

"I need Fried Chicked" Sam replied then left.

I was still stood in the same spot when I heard someone come out.

"What happened?" I heard Carlys voice say

"Sam kissed me" I replied

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" she asked

I turned to her "I really don't know, please help" I said, she looked at me and took a step foward

"You'll figure it out, but you need to do it alone and I need to help Spencer out of a box" she said smiling then she reached up and kissed my cheek, and turned and left.

I sat on the ground with my back to the wall trying to figure out what to do and the best I could come up with was Pros and Cons and this is what I came up with


She calls me names

She beats me up

She's aggressive

She's mean

She hates girly stuff

She hates me

She's good friends with Jade, so if I hurt her they'll hunt me down together.

She calls my Mom crazy

She pranks me


She defends me............sometimes

She makes me laugh

She makes life fun

She's cute

She can be smart

She's a great artist

She was my first kiss

Listing the Pros and Cons just made me more confused, about Half an hour must have passed before I heard the door open again.

"Sam?" I called

"Its Carly...........Again" Carlys voice said, I heard footsteps then someone sat down next to me

"I thought you told me to figure it out alone" I said to her

"yes I did, but I needed to tell you a few things, First and I'm saying this in the nicest way possible, im over the hero thing. And Second Sam really cares about you" she said

I looked at her "First, thank you for telling me that and Second Really?" i replied

She shook her head "Freddie she cares about you so much, but it's hard for her to tell you, look I'm going to give you something and I want you to use it ok?" she said, then pulled a number out of her pocket and handed it to me as she stood up "He'll help Freddie" then she left.

I looked at the number for about 5 Minutes then picked my phone up and dialed the number.

Next Chapter will be Sams POV with Freddies POV and Carly will meet a nice guy I promise

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