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In Carlys apartment

Freddie walks in

Freddie:Hey Carls

Carly:Hey freddie

Freddie:Sooo where's Sam?

Carly:Buying ham

Spencer walks in with Gibby*

Spencer:Whos buying ham ? Sam? Tee hee that rhymes

Carly*staring at freddie* Yeah.......Hey Freddie can I talk to you in the hall


  • in hall*

Freddie:Soo what did you wanna talk to me about

Carly:You seem distracted lately

Freddie:Yeah so

Carly:…….like LOVE distracted

Freddie*nervous*ptthhh I'm not in love let's go see Gibby

Carly:Stop avoiding it and answer me

Freddie:do you really want to know


Freddie:Fine I'm in love

Carly:With who?!?!?!

Freddie*takes a breath*....……Sam I'm in love with Sam.........

Part two soon hopefully if you like XD

Renamed iMake a choice

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