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    iMight Love Freddie -- Part 5

    September 27, 2012 by Lotstar

    So this has not been updated in AGES! lol but here it is! iMight Love Freddie Part 5!

    I feel like I should supply links to the previous parts so people can read them so they know what's happening. :P

    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4

    As it has always been with this fanfiction, Non-Creddiers welcome to read and comment, but no ship-warring.

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  • Lotstar


    August 5, 2012 by Lotstar

    Hey guys. :)

    So I'm just wondering what everyone's Twitter name is? Mine is @Cupcakes4Cosmos

    Yes, it is a Miranda fan account. :P

    But anyway, what are your Twitter names?

    Wow... I suck at writing blogs. lol

    Lotstar (talk) 09:18, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Lotstar

    Heya guys! Sorry, this took, like, forever, but here is Part 4!! I promise I'll be quicker in uploading from now on. :)

    Again, thanks to all my "reviewers" for Part 3. I really appreciate all the nice comments and constructive criticism you guys give me. :)

    Non-Creddiers welcome to read, but no ship-warring please. :)

    (SCENE:Shay apartment. Spencer is on the couch when Carly storms in followed by Freddie)
    Freddie: Just listen to me!
    Carly: Absolutely NOT.
    Freddie: It's been THREE days, Carly!
    Carly: I don't care! If Sam wants to be a jerk, I'm certainly not going to be the one to apologise!
    Freddie: But you and Sam are BEST FRIENDS!
    Carly: Ugh, how many times do I have to TELL you? We WERE best friends until she had to over-react and ruin everything!

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  • Lotstar

    Heya guys. This is Part 3 of iMight Love Freddie. :)

    Thanks to all the people who read and/or commented on Part 2. You have no idea how awesome you all are.

    Once again, non-Creddiers are welcome to read and comment, but no bashing.

    (SCENE: Carly's bedroom. The clock shows 3:34AM. Carly is tossing and turning and constantly looks at her phone. Eventually she sighs and takes out her laptop from under the bed. Cut to Freddie's bedroom, where he is staring at the wall with his phone on his chest. He also takes his laptop out. Both Carly and Freddie see that the other is online. Carly smiles and clicks a button and Freddie's screen says "ShaycommaCarly is requesting a video chat". He also smiles and clicks the "Accept" button)
    Freddie: *playful tone…

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  • Lotstar

    Hey guys. Here is part 2 of iMight Love Freddie. :)

    I REALLY appreciate all the comments I got on Part 1 . You guys are awesome. :D

    Again, non-Creddiers welcome to read, but PLEASE no bashing.

    (SCENE: Groovie Smoothie. Carly and Freddie are at a table. Freddie is chewing his fork and staring thoughtfully at Carly. Carly looks distracted and is impatiently tapping her fingers on the table.)
    Freddie: So can we please talk about- *Carly takes her phone out and looks at it* That's the fifteenth time you've looked at your phone in the past 10 minutes.
    Carly: I can't help it! You know I can't help it!
    Freddie: Carly-
    Carly: Sam missed iCarly and isn't responding to my calls or my texts!
    Freddie: *shrugs* Maybe something suddenly came up?
    Carly: But wouldn't she …

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