There was a blog about why Seddie will happen, so I'm gonna make a blog about why Creddie will happen!

  1. Freddie has always loved Carly, and there has been no direct proof that that has changed.
  2. Carly was obviously jealous in iTTK, and remember the cut scene we never saw!
  3. Think about Season 4. During this Season Sam has: smacked Freddie, electrocuted shocked Freddie, and Freddie has had thoughts of stabbing Sam. Why would people who have a relationship as bad as that fall in love? (Just to clear this up, I am NOT saying Sam and Freddie hate each other.)
  4. In iKiss, would Sam have ever gone and apologised if Carly hadn't made her feel bad? Also, Sam and Freddie didn't kiss because they loved each other, they kissed so they could get their first kiss over with.
  5. As someone has already pointed out, Carly asked Freddie to help her up onto the counter in iBTH, when in another episode (forgotten what it was, sorry), she got up by herself.
  6. Carly is ALWAYS jealous if she finds out that Freddie has a crush on someone, and vice-versa.
  7. Dan has confirmed that the reason Freddie seems to not love Carly anymore is that he is polite and a gentleman.
  8. Finally, I read something last night that will get your hopes up really high. People who fall in love tend to look alike! And since Carly and Freddie look alike... I think you can guess the rest.
  9. I lied. There is one more thing. Sorry to say it, but I have never seen a love-hate relationship in real life.

If you can think of anything else, feel free to add a comment and I will add it to the blog with your username beside it!

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