OK, firstly, I said that Creddie CAN happen, not that it WILL, but it CAN. Hopefully that's out of the way, so I can get to the points I'd like to address:

  1. "Carly can't be jealous cause that'll break Sam's heart". This is what irks me the most. There is a plain difference between stealing Freddie and being jealous. Carly can be jealous, but just not show it. Come on, she isn't a jerk. She isn't going to step in between Sam and Freddie when Sam loves Freddie. Not in the next few episodes to come at least.
  2. "Freddie isn't a jerk. He won't turn Sam down." No, Freddie isn't a jerk. That might just be why he DOES turn Sam down, IF and only IF he does. If he had no feelings for Sam, other than friendship, wouldn't the nicest thing be to let her down gently? If he only liked Sam for a friend, them dating just might ruin their friendship altogether.
  3. "Creddie had it's chance in iSaved Your Life. It's Seddie's turn now." Some people who say this are just not making sense. It has been said before, and I'm going to say it again. Many Seddiers regard iSYL as a meaningless episode, then go on to say we should be content with it. If it is still not clear what my point is: How can you expect us to be happy with a so-called meaningless episode???
  4. My final point, I promise. Are you Dan Schneider? I didn't think so. You guys have NO IDEA what the future holds iCarly-wise. I'm pretty sure Dan himself has said that he has no idea what will happen in the next iCarly.

OK, I'm sorry if I come off as harsh, but that's all I have to say... I think.

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