OK, so recently I've being hearing and reading a few things that have started to make me wonder if all these new episodes getting churned out constantly (seemingly never-ending) is going to actually do something BAD for iCarly.

I guess the first thing is the ratings. We know that the ratings for iOpen a Restaurant and iHalfoween were the lowest ever (I don't know about iPear Store yet), and since in my opinion those were amazing episodes, maybe it's not the quality of the episodes, but rather that iCarly has, simply, been going on for too long. The people who feel in love with it in 2007 with be 5 years older now, and frankly, you start to outgrow shows.

Then, one day I was with my friends at school, and they asked me if I liked Big Time Rush. I said I prefered iCarly, and they responded that "iCarly's getting old now". Now, these are people who know NOTHING about ships, and the most recent episode was iMeet the First Lady (we are not even in Season 5 yet. We still need to see iQ, iBalls and iToe Fat Cakes).

And then, of course, the rumors for a sixth season. I'm not sure if this is true or not (I've seen evidence for both sides), but if it is, I can't say it made me jump for joy and celebrate. If I'm being honest, I actually thought "Really? ANOTHER season?". I'm not gonna lie. I kinda wanted this to be their last season. Miranda, Jennette and Nathan are growing up and I believe they have shown a strong desire to go to college. I find it unfair to keep them from this. One day, Dan and his crew are going to, frankly, run out of ideas for decent episodes and will be forced to settle for average. I want iCarly to end with GOOD episodes in their last season, not bad ones that occurred due to Dan running out of ideas.

Now, some may agree, and some may not. Some may not be sure. Either way, this question is open for discussion. :D So feel free to comment and give your opinion/answer: Is iCarly Being Dragged On For Too Long?

Lotstar 07:52, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

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