OK, this is a thing I've decided to do, where I'm going to "review" every iCarly episode, including the cutest Creddie moments, Seddie moments, and Cam moments. I will also include the funniest moment and just a general comment on the plot. I will be doing this from memory, so I might get the quotes a little wrong. Anyway, this is MiReview of iPilot!

iPilot Review

General Comment:

This is definitely not one of my favourite episodes, but I wouldn't go so far to call it a bad episode. The plot itself was pretty awesome, but the personalities of the character's in the early season, as well as the humor, very much differed from that of the later season. Spencer's personality was immediatly given from his first scene "I would, but I can't. I... I made it into a squirrel", which is what I love about that scene. Spencer's personality as a crazy, wacky, weird, yet talented artist. I saw this episode as a re-run, after seeing Season 2 / early Season 3 episodes, and I was literally like "OMG, he's tiny! And squeaky!" when I saw Freddie. That's really all I have to say about this episode. 7 1/2 out of 10, I'd say.

Cutest Creddie:

Carly: Freddie! What is all this stuff?

Freddie: Well, that's a (talks about tech). I also brought you juice and a bagel!

I just love this scene. Out of nowhere, Freddie announces he's brought Carly juice and a bagel, like it was perfectally natural to do so (well, back then, it was for him). I would've loved to have seen Carly's reaction to this, but Sam walked in at that point, and Seddie was "invented".

Cutest Seddie:

Freddie: And... uh... you guys are gonna need a technical producer. To work the lights, camerawork, audio...

Sam: Aww, he wants to be our geek.

The way Sam says that last line amuses me so much. It can easily be interpreted as Sam adores Freddie when she says that, but it's really up for debate if that's what she was implying. Freddie's reaction after that line was very extreme. I mean, Sam only called him a "geek", and he's banging the table and yelling at her that she has "a big mouth, lady!".

Cutest Cam:

Sam: Hey, cupcake!

Carly: There you are!

This is an adorable quote between Carly and Sam. We all know how close their friendship is, but to me, this quote was said in a very flirty way that may hint more between the two girls. And, as mentioned on the Cam page, Sam called her boyfriend, Jonah, "cupcake" in a later episode, making this quote an even bigger hint for Cam shippers.

Funniest Moment:

Spencer: Why are we happy?

This line always cracks me up, especially after Spencer joins in the enthusiastic dancing and cheering.

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