Here is the eighteenth episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!

iMeet My Dad

Freddie recieves an anonymous message from a person claiming to be his dad. Carly joins him to meet this mysterious man (while Sam sleeps and hugs a Fat Cake), and they take him to Mrs Benson, who says that it is Freddie's dad.

Creddie Hints

  • When Freddie recieves the anonymous message, Carly seems concerned for Freddie's safety, and even joins him to meet Freddie's dad.
  • Carly moves closer to Freddie and puts her hand on his shoulder when speaking to Freddie's dad.
  • Freddie smiles and glances sideways at Carly frequently in this episode.


Freddie: Hey, here's a message from my dad.

Carly: You have a dad?!

Freddie: I don't know! He wants to meet me tonight.

Carly: (sadly) You're really going to meet him? Can I come,to keep you safe?

Seddie Hints

  • When Sam walks in, she seems to try and see Freddie through Carly, and says hi to him first.
  • Freddie grins when he sees Sam huggng a Fat Cake in her sleep.
  • Sam asks Freddie what his love story is, and Freddie appears to hesitate before answering.


Sam: So what about you, Fredchomp? What's your love story?

Freddie: Hmmph. None of your business.

Sam: Whatev, I'm out.

Cam Hints

  • Carly tickles and pokes Sam to try and wake her up.
  • Sam seems comfortable when Carly is trying to wake her.
  • Carly says "love story" to Sam in a flirty way, stretching out the "love" part.


Sam: So, what did the dork's dad have to say.

Carly: Oh, he just explained his looove story with Mrs Benson.

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