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MiSeason Episode Eleven

Lotstar January 4, 2011 User blog:Lotstar

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Here is the eleventh episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!

iGet Grounded

Freddie gets grounded for being five minutes late coming home from a party. Carly and Sam fret because this means he can't do the iCarly webshow, as he is banned from hanging out with girls.

Creddie Hints

  • Carly is irritated when Mrs Benson bans Freddie from hanging out with girls.
  • Freddie seems more upset that he can't be with Carly than being with Sam.
  • Carly and Freddie videochat to try and work out how they are going to do the webshow.


Carly: Maybe we can do the show from your place?

Freddie: Nah, my mum banned me from hanging out with girls.

Carly: Grrr, that is just wrong!

Seddie Hints

  • Sam steps in front of Carly to speak to Freddie.
  • Sam suggests that she should sneak into Freddie's apartment and bring him to the webshow. Freddie doesn't seem scared about this idea.
  • When Sam learns that Carly is videochatting with Freddie, she runs over to talk to Freddie.

Sam: I could sneak into Freddorks apartment and bring him back to the show.

Freddie: Sam, that will never... (looks at Carly) maybe we should try it?

Cam Hints

  • Carly and Sam joke a lot when they are talking about Freddie,
  • Sam laughs when Carly gets angry about Freddie mother.
  • Carly lightly nudges Sam to get her attention.

Carly: Maybe we should disguise ourselves as boys so we can talk to Freddie.

Sam: Ya, that'll happen. (they both giggle and fall on the couch)

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