Here is the fourth episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself! This is sorta like iRWM.

iMeet My Match

After a new webshow comes onto the internet, Carly and Sam discover that the tech producer is both talented and hot. Freddie is jealous of him, and he then learns that the hot tech producer (named Mike) is trying to steal away Carly and Sam.

Creddie Hints

  • When Carly says that Mike is hot, Freddie yells out her name in anger.
  • When Mike says that Carly is pretty, Freddie tries to get him to leave
  • Freddie panics when Carly and Mike almost kiss


Carly: Have you seen Mike? He is supa hot!

Freddie: Carly!

Seddie Hints

  • Freddie stares at Sam when she is talking to Carly about Mike and narrows his eyes.
  • Freddie tries to convince Sam that Mike isn't hot.
  • Freddie talks to Sam about Mike cheating.


Sam: So, what do ya wanna talk about, cause Mike's cute face is waitin for this girl right here (points at herself)

Freddie: You really think Mike is that hot, huh.

Sam: Have you seen his biceps?

Freddie: Have you seen the flab under those shirts of his?

Sam: Give up, fudgeface, cause I know when you're lying, and I know you are jealous of Mike. (Freddie says nothing)

Cam Hints

  • Carly and Sam both agree that Mike is hot
  • When Sam is talking about Mikes hair, she reaches up and touches Carly's hair
  • When Sam walks in and sees Carly so close to Mike, she runs over and grabs Carly


Carly: So... what do you think of Mike?

Sam: He's hot! That lovely hair that feels so nice... (touches Carly's hair)

Carly: (smiling) Stop that.

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