Here is the fourteenth episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!

iDon't Love You

Mandy returns and kisses Freddie, making her think they are soulmates and are in true love with eachother. Freddie freaks and works with Carly and Sam to get rid of Mandy (once again), and convince her that she and Freddie aren't in love.

Creddie Hints

  • Carly walks in on Freddie and Mandy kissing and screams.
  • Carly slaps Mandy for kissing Freddie without hesitating.
  • Carly and Freddie cheer and hug when Mandy is gone.


Carly: (sees Freddie and Mandy kissing) AHHHHHHHHH! What on Earth is happening here?

Freddie: Carly! Mandy just grabbed me and-

Carly: (talking to Mandy) How dare you?! (slaps Mandy)

Seddie Hints

  • Freddie explains to Sam in a panicky tone about Mandy kissing him and uses kissing noises.
  • Sam agrees with Freddie that Mandy is psycho and needs to be gone.
  • Freddie tells Sam to get rid of Mandy.


Mandy: Hi Carly, Sam and Freeeedie.

Freddie: Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Freddie: Get rid of her for me, will you?

Sam: My pleasure.

Cam Hints

  • Sam seems confused about why Carly is concerned about Freddie and Mandy.
  • Sam talks to Carly on a beanbag and shows her a video of Romeo and Juliet played by schoolkids.
  • Carly squeezes Sam when Mandy is gone and doesn't let go for a few seconds.


Carly: Freddie and Mandy kissed! On the lips!

Sam: Why are you so concerned? At least he didn't kiss you.

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