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MiSeason Episode Nine

Lotstar January 2, 2011 User blog:Lotstar

Here is the ninth episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!

iHave a Sister

When Freddie reveals to Carly and Sam that he has a sister called Jenni from Spain, Jenni comes to visit, and although Carly and Sam find her cute, she ends up being very annoying.

Creddie Hints

  • Carly gently grabs Freddie's shoulder.
  • Freddie asks if he can sleep at Carly's apartment, and they both joke about Jenni's music.
  • Carly and Freddie are both angry with Jenni, while Sam doesn't care.


Freddie: Hey... can I sleep at your place tonight? Jenni's music is keeping me awake.

Carly: That was Jenni's music? I thought a rabid cat had gotten loose in the building. (they both giggle)

Seddie Hints

  • Sam reaches over to Freddie's shoulder when Carly is touching it and gently slaps it. She then puts her hand on Freddie's shoulder.
  • Sam blows air on Freddie's cheek and slaps it playfully.
  • Sam tells Freddie to put a frog in Jenni's bed to scare her away, and Freddie grins at this.


Sam: Dude, if ya wanna get rid of Jenni, just put a frog in her bed.

Freddie: (grinning) Now there's an idea!

Cam Hints

  • Carly drums her hands on Sam's shoulders.
  • When Sam meets Jenni, she puts her elbow on Carly's shoulder.
  • Sam pats Carly's head when she suggests scaring Jenni.


Carly: Maybe we should scare Jenni away?

Sam: (patting Carly's head) Yep, let's do this!

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