Here is the seventeenth episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!

iSurprise Sam

After Sam invites both Carly and Freddie to a sleepover, Freddie claims he can't go because his grandma is coming over and Carly says that Spencer has an interview with a famous art critic. All the time, they were planning a surprise sleepover at Carly's apartment the next night.

Creddie Hints

  • Carly and Freddie talk to eachother in a closet, and they are standing very close to eachother the whole time.
  • Carly and Freddie dance when planning Sam's sleepover.
  • After Sam releases Carly and Freddie, they stay in the same position very close together for a while.


Carly: Come on! (pulls Freddie with her into a closet)

Freddie: What? Why are we... so close?

Carly: (smiling) Yes, we are very close indeed, now back to the subject!

Seddie Hints

  • When Freddie turns down Sam's invitation, she is noticably upset for a short time, but then pretends she doesn't care.
  • Freddie smiles when Carly mentions Sam.
  • Sam hugs Freddie, which she wouldn't have done in the past.


Sam: So, you wanna come to my sleepover?

Freddie: Sorry Sam, my grandma's coming over that night.

Sam: Oh... I don't care, Freddork.

Cam Hints

  • Sam is very upset when Carly turns down her invitation, and says that she at least needs Carly there.
  • Sam's sleeping bag has a picture of Carly on it, and Carly's has a picture of Sam.
  • Carly smiles more when she's with Sam at the party.


Carly: I'm sorry, Spencer's having this really important meeting with an art critic and-

Sam: Come on! I need at least you there, Carls!

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