Here is the sixth episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!

iGet Married

When Spencer gets married to a rich lady called Lili, she decides that the family is going to live in her big mansion in Germany. Carly tries to stop this happening, because this would mean the end of iCarly and the end of her friendships with Sam and Freddie.

Creddie Hints

  • Freddie hints that Carly will be his future wife.
  • Freddie calls Carly "his girl".
  • Carly hugs Freddie and ruffles his hair


Carly: Yeah, Spencer's just gotten married to Lili. She's really rich, and she has a mansion in Germany.

Freddie: Cool! Maybe one day... I could be married to (looks at Carly. Carly smiles and rolls her eyes)

Seddie Hints

  • Sam grabs on to Freddie and brings him so close to her face that they could kiss.
  • When Freddie mentions how close they were, Sam raises he eyebrows slightly and hesitates before denying that she want to kiss Freddie.
  • After Carly and Freddie hug, Sam comes and puts her hand on his shoulder.


Freddie: SAM!! We were so close we could've KISSED!

Sam: (raises eyebrows slightly and hesitates) My lips on your face again? Gross...

Cam Hints

  • Sam seems surprised that Spencer is married to a girl, which could hint that boy-girl relationships seem odd to her.
  • Sam goes into a daydream of being in Lili's mansion, and in he daydream she is sleeping on Carly's lap.
  • Carly says "What about Sam?" when she learns that she was moving. She doesn't mention Freddie.


Sam: So Spencer's married to a GIRL? That's... you mean a real GIRL?

Carly: Yup, a girl.

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