Here is the third episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!

iDate in Secret

After filming a skit for iCarly, Freddie unknowingly leaves the B-Cam on. Sam and Carly stay behind and Sam confesses to Carly that she is dating someone in secret. This confession appears on iCarly via the filming of the skit, and Sam's relationship with thye boy is sabotaged. She becomes less enthusiastic about iCarly, and both Carly and Freddie try to prove to her that she doesn't need a relationship to have a life.

Creddie Hints

  • Carly says to Freddie in a flirty way "Roll that camcorder of yours so we can get this party on the road!"
  • Carly and Freddie play two best friends in the iCarly skit.
  • Freddie suggests that he and Carly should date so Sam won't be the only one dating


Freddie: Hey, maybe we should date, so we won't be misfits. We can go to eachother's apartments every day for lunch and-

Carly: Freddie?

Freddie: Yeah?

Carly That... is never going to happen.

Freddie: Yeah, I didn't think it would.

Seddie Hints

  • As Carly is speaking to Freddie, Sam is looking at him and doing a little dance, possibly trying to impress him.
  • When Sam is not enthusiastic about iCarly, Freddie is noticably less enthusiastic too.
  • Sam says that all she needs in life is plenty of opportunities to hurt people, which she does have with Freddie


Sam: You know, all I need in life is plenty of opportunities to hurt people.

Freddie: You have me!

Sam: Yep! (punches Freddie)

Cam Hints

  • Carly pats Sam on the head, and Sam returns the action
  • The fact that Sam only told Carly her secret is a sign of trust.
  • Carly says, "You're dating a guy?!" when she could've easily said, "You're dating someone?!"


Sam: I'm... I'm dating someone. In secret

Carly: You're dating a guy?! A real GUY?!

Sam: Yeah, I'm dating a guy. In secret.

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