Here is the twelfth episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself!


Carly, Sam and Freddie go to the snow to learn how to ski and snowboard, but Sam decides to try the harder runs too soon, and ends up stuck on a double black (experts only) run.

Creddie Hints

  • Carly and Freddie both learn how to ski, but Sam learns to snowboard.
  • Carly looks irritated when Sam purposely makes Freddie fall, and they both get angry at Sam.
  • Carly freaks out when she sees Freddie fall over on the expert run, not getting concerned about Sam until later.


Freddie: (Gets pushed by Sam and falls) Argh! That'll leave a mark!

Carly: Sam!

Freddie: Yeah, Sam!

Seddie Hints

  • Sam and Freddie seem impressed at eachother's ability to ski and snowboard.
  • When Sam pushes Freddie, she could have been trying to get him away from Carly.
  • Sam wants Freddie to come with her on the double black run, and Freddie trys to warn her against it.


Sam: Hey, Fredmoo, wanna come with me on this double black run?

Freddie: Sam, you know that's expert only terrain.

Sam: I don't care Benson, you're coming with me.

Cam Hints

  • Sam's instructor pats Carly on the head and asks Carly if Sam was "hers". Carly says yes.
  • Sam looks at Carly flirtily when snowboarding, and Carly returns the look.
  • When Carly slips and falls down the run, Sam immediatly tries her best to get down to Carly.


Sam: Hey Carls, this is Brad, my in-struc-tor.

Brad: Is this one your's "Carls"?

Carly: Yep, she's mine!

Sam: Uh-huh, I'm all hers.

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