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MiSeason Episode Two

Lotstar December 26, 2010 User blog:Lotstar

Here is the second episode of MiSeason, the season I am designing myself! This is NOT a Creddie ep.

iWant To Be Juliet

When Carly and Freddie get the parts of Romeo and Juliet in the school play, Carly and Sam get into a major fight, as Sam wanted to be Juliet. Freddie desperately tries to keep the friendship of the two girls strong.

Creddie Hints

  • When Carly learns that she and Freddie will be Romeo and Juliet, she looks at Freddie in a flirty way.
  • Carly says she likes the way Freddie plays Romeo, and although Freddie tries to change the subject, he is noticably happy.
  • When Carly gives up the role of Juliet, Freddie is very upset.


Carly: I love the way you say that line!

Freddie: (smiling) Thank you, Juliet. Have you anything else to say before we begin rehearsing again? (They both giggle)

Seddie Hints

  • The fact that Sam was willing to be Juliet even though Freddie was Romeo shows that she was keen to play a romance with Freddie.
  • When Freddie talks to Sam about her fight with Carly, Sam doesn't interrupt or insult Freddie the whole time he is speaking.
  • After Carly gives up her role, Sam says to Freddie, "You had no chance with her anyway." which could imply that Sam wants Freddie to stop loving Carly.


Freddie: I can't believe Carly gave up the role of Juliet! She blew my chance to kiss her! Even if it was only acting.

Sam: Oh, come on! You know you had no chance with her anyway! She never loved you in the past, she doesn't love you now, and she never will.

Cam Hints

  • Freddie once again steps in to keep Carly and Sam having a strong friendship.
  • Carly gives up the role of Juliet, putting her friend's feelings before her personal desire.
  • Sam cries after Carly gives up the role of Juliet, and they both apologise and hug eachother.


Sam: (crying) You didn't do that! Please tell me I'm having a dream and I'll wake up to see Carly in the play!

Carly: Sam, you aren't dreaming! I'm sorry for being so uptight about being Juliet.

Sam: No, I'm sorry. I should've let you have the part. You shouldn't have given up just because of me!

Carly: Sam... (They both hug)

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