So, a while ago I posted a tiny little Creddie fanfic. It's here, if anyone's interested... XP. Anyway, another idea came into my head, so yeah, I'm posting that one too:

Carly sat alone at the school prom. She had no date, and as she looked around, she could easily tell she was the only one who had to be alone. Every boy was talking to a girl, and every girl was talking to a boy. Gibby and Tasha, Adam and Wendy, Sam and Freddie. Carly's eyes paused for a moment, and she stared at her two best friends talking and having a wonderful time. Sam, for once, was wearing something beautiful. Carly felt a small feeling of jealousy slowly build up inside her, but she pushed it away. Sam was happy. Freddie was happy. That was all that mattered, right? But as Carly thought this over and over, she couldn't help thinking: If Sam and Freddie are happy, shouldn't I be happy too?

Before her thoughts could go any further, the slow dance music came on. Carly watched as the pairs around her stood up, smiling dreamily as they put their arms around eachother and danced in time with the music. Carly watched as Sam and Freddie joined the crowd. She looked down at her feet, knowing that she was the only one not on the dance floor. She didn't keep track of anything around her, but before she knew it, she could hear a familiar voice.

"Do you want to dance?"

Carly looked up, and could barely belive that Freddie Benson had asked her to dance. She didn't understnand. She couldn't understand. Sam was Freddie's girlfriend, not Carly. Freddie should be asking Sam to dance, not Carly.

"Me? Dance? With you?" Carly managed to say. "But Sam's-"

"It's not a romantic dance. Sam and I thought that you looked lonely. It'll just be a friendship dance, like the one we had before."

"Just a friendship dance?" Carly repeated, thinking about that dance that Freddie had referred to. She felt a little depressed. She considered that dance to be so much more than a friendship dance. She always had.

Carly paused, then stood up and followed Freddie onto the dance floor. She felt nervous as she realised that the song she was going to dance to was the exact same as the song they had danced to before. She slowly put her arms around Freddie, and they stepped in time to the music with everyone else. Carly blocked out any other thoughts whirring around her mind. She was dancing with Freddie Benson. That was all that mattered right now.

The dance felt like it took forever, but at the same time, it was over before Carly knew it. The music ended, and Carly froze for a minute, staring deep into Freddie's eyes. She was in love, and she knew it.

"Thank you, Freddie."

Please leave feedback in the comments. Smile wide

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