Amongst all this Katydidit drama, I've noticed many people are beating themselves up inside for trusting Katydidit.

What I have to say: DO NOT FEEL BAD!!

We ALL trusted Katydidit. When he wasn't having those "chats" he was acting like a normal, non-pedo, trustable man. We now know that's not what he was really like, and we all now know who he REALLY is. But, if you constantly chatted with him, and thought of him as a "friend", PLEASE, whatever you do, DO NOT FEEL HORRIBLE. It isn't your fault he's a horrible pedo, so don't think you were stupid for trusting him.

I'm sorry to all those people who knew who he truely was, but no one believed it. And I applaud all those on the Honour List, and anyone else you helped ban this man (hey that rhymes! XD)

So yeah, if you are feeling horrible inside, please don't. None of this is your fault. Smile

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