If you could make an iCarly crossover with any single show possible, what would the name of the episode be, and what plot would it have? Here are just some rules I would like you to follow.

  1. Make it appropriate for kids to read. I am a kid myself and I will be reading these, and I'm sure other kids will too.
  2. Please don't make them too shippy. Just make a basic friendship plot please.
  1. Any show is ok to use, as long as you are able to make a crossover without making it inappropriate. Cartoons are ok to use as the crossover show.
  1. If you don't like someone elses crossover, don't say anything, but feel free to ask about another show used politely.

Here is my crossover...

iTry To Learn Magic (Crossover between iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place)

Carly, Sam and Freddie meet Alex, who has run away from home and lives next door to Freddie in the apartment block. When she sees all the special effects on iCarly, she is convinced that they are wizards and try to teach them magic. Carly, Sam and Freddie try to convince her that they aren't wizards, but when that fails, have to get in touch with her family to take her back. At the end Justin and Max come and finally tell Alex that Carly, Sam and Freddie aren't wizards.

Meanwhile, Spencer is trying to get in touch with a cookbook company because the chocolate mud cake recipe the cookbook provided only had the ingredients chocolate, mud and cake. The company tells him that the recipe actually works, and when Spencer tries it, it makes a delicious chocolate mud cake. Before he can eat it, however, Alex uses magic to steal it before leaving with Justin and Max.

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