I'm staring another fake iCarly Season, and here is the first ep!


After Sam plays a huge prank on Miss Briggs, she is threatened to be expelled. Carly and Freddie try and reason with both Principal Franklin and Miss Briggs, but fail, and the next day she has to pack her school supplies, preparing to leave. However, Carly can't stand this, and threatens to leave with Sam. Miss Briggs is happy to do this, but Principal Franklin sees how much Carly needs Sam and lets her stay.


  • Sam has her coat unbuttoned when in Miss Briggs room, but in the next shot of her a few of the buttons are done up.
  • When Carly and Freddie are talking to Miss Briggs and Principal Franklin, at first they are standing next to eachother, but in the next shot Freddie is standing behind Carly.

Relationship Moments


  • Carly smiles at Freddie and steps towards him for no reason when they are talking to Sam.
  • Freddie shuffles even closer when Carly does this.
  • When Carly announces that she will leave with Sam if Sam leaves, Freddie looks angry at the fact that Carly would leave.
  • After Carly and Sam hug and pull away, Freddie appears to intercept and hug Carly.


  • Freddie laughs when he hears of the prank Sam pulled, but gets angry when he hears she could be expelled.
  • Sam stares at Freddie when he is talking to her, and keeps on doing so even while Carly is talking.
  • Sam says to Freddie in a caring tone, "You tried your best, nerd."
  • When Carly and Freddie are hugging, Sam walks over to Freddie's side and joins in the hug, pushing against him.
  • Freddie smiles when Sam does this.


  • Carly appears to almost cry when Sam says she could be expelled.
  • Sam pouts and glances away sadly when Carly almost cries.
  • Sam is extremely grateful to Carly when Carly stops her from getting expelled.

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