Here is my iCarly Christmas Special!

iCarly gets a dare to go to the North Pole to find Santa and his magical reindeer, so they go with Spencer and Mrs Benson. Heaps of problems occur, but eventually they find Santa and he appears on the webshow!

Creddie hints:

  • When Freddie slips on the ice, Carly grabs onto him and helps him regain balance.
  • When they are building the snow tunnel, Carly and Freddie look at eachother and smile a lot.
  • Santa says Carly and Freddie look cute when they are covered in the snow together. He says nothing about Sam.

Seddie hints:

  • Sam refuses to help build the tunnel when Carly asks her, but when Freddie asks she obeys.
  • When Spencer starts to tell frightening story about a man who never returns from the North Pole, Sam and Freddie both tell him to stop simultaneously.
  • When Santa talks about Carly and Freddie being cute, Sam doesn't smile and looks upset.

Cam hints:

  • When Sam gets up to build the tunnel, Carly slaps her bottom and they both smile.
  • Carly and Sam snuggle close to eachother in the tunnel
  • They both dance together and hug eachother at Santa's workshop.

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