I couldn't wait to post part one of my Creddie series finale, so here it is!

Part One

Scene: Carly's apartment. Spencer walks out of his room.

Spencer: Hey kiddo, whatcha doing?

Carly: Just some homework.

Spencer: (looks over at Sam leaning over the sink) Why is Sam...?

Carly: She ate that month-old bacon that's been in the fridge. Then she-

Spencer: I get it.

Sam: (turns around) Man this is- Oh hi Spencer- Man this is gross! (turns back around)

Freddie: (walks in) Hola, people! Hey Carly, you wanna- (sees Sam) Why is Sam puking?

Carly: Oh, she ate-

Freddie: Never mind I don't wanna know.

Carly: Ok, now what were you saying?

Freddie: I was gonna say we could work on iCarly, but seeing how Sam's all...

Sam: You guys go! If I don't come up in a few minutes I've probably forgot to!

Carly: Ok. (Carly and Fredie go upstairs)

Opening Credits

Next Scene: Groovy Smoothie.

Carly: So you're feeling better?

Sam: Yeah.

T-Bo: Any of you want an ice-cream cone?

Everyone: T-BO!

Part Two will be posted as soon as possible!

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