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iCreddie Part Two

Lotstar January 25, 2011 User blog:Lotstar

Scene: Carly's apartment. Carly, Sam and Freddie walk in

Carly: Spencer! We're back!

Spencer: (running down the stairs) Hey! What is this? (holds up a picture)

Carly: It's a vase.

Sam: It's two people.

Spencer: It's both!

Freddie: So, what was the point of showing it to us?

Spencer: (pauses, then looks sad) I don't know...

Sam: (phone beeps. She answers it) Yello? (pause) Hi mom... (pause) Why am I grounded? Oh yeah I ate all our ham. (to Carly) See you tomorrow! (yelling comes from phone but Sam hangs up)

Carly: You're grounded?

Sam: Yeah, but I'm gonna go buy some meat first. (she leaves)

Freddie: Hey Carly!

Carly: Yes...?

Freddie: You... doing anything Friday night?

Carly: Are you asking me out?


Carly: I thought we agreed that you need to get over this crush!

Freddie: I am TOTALLY over it.

Carly: Are you?

Freddie: Yes...

Carly: Freddie...

Freddie: No...

Carly: So, you wanna date me?

Freddie: Yes.

Carly: Ok then.

Freddie: But you don't want to WOAH WHAT?!

Carly: See you Friday night.

Freddie: Ummm, ok then.

(long pause, then Freddie walks out and Carly walks upstairs)

Spencer: That was weird...

Part Three will be posted as soon as possible!

Part One

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