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Lotstar January 23, 2011 User blog:Lotstar

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Here is the promo for my Creddie Series Finales!

Narrator: It's time for the last iCarly!

Carly and Sam looking sad on their webshow

Narrator: But... will Carly and Freddie finally make up?

Carly: So you wanna date me?

Freddie: Yeah.

Carly: Ok then.

Freddie: But you don't WOAH WHAT?!

Narrator: Everything goes perfectly.

Carly and Freddie kissing

Narrator: But as memories start flooding back.

Black and white clip of Carly and Freddie kissing in iSaved Your Life

Narrator: And secrets start coming out.

Freddie: I broke up with you because Sam told me to.

Carly: (looking angry and upset) Why?!

Narrator: Will these two lovebirds last?

Carly and Freddie sadly staring at eachother

I'll post Part One as soon as I can!

P.S. I am doing a Series Finale for every ship on this wiki, even the minor ones, and I'll post the link to the promos on the ships' pages when I make them.

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