This idea for a fanfic was given to me by Mazznick, so be sure to give him/her some credit for this too!

iDefend Sam, Part One

Carly rushed up to Sam and shook her hard.

"Sam!" she yelled frantically, "There are police all over the place and they're looking for you!"

Sam immediatly paniced, "Me?! I haven't done anything wrong for a month!"

A police officer walked down the stair and saw Sam. "There she is!" he yelled, and police swarmed all over her. Handcuffs were attached to her wrists and Sam struggled with the officers.

"What have I done wrong?!" she pleaded.

"Don't try and hide it from us, missy. We recieved a call that you had been sneaking around breaking into peoples' apartments and coming out with all sorts of valuables. You're under arrest and you will face the court tomorrow."

"What?!" shrieked Sam as she was dragged out by policemen, "I haven't done nothin' wrong! Let me go already!"

"Sam!" Carly called out as Sam was taken out of sight. Freddie, Gibby and Spencer ran inside, looking worried.

"What happened?" asked Spencer, "We were just in the hall talking when we heard Sam screaming. Then those policemen came out and-"

"Sam's been arrested for something she didn't even do and she's going to court TOMORROW!" Carly interrupted.

"WHAT?!" exclaimed Freddie, Gibby and Spencer, "WHY?!"

"What are we going to do? We can't just let Sam go to juvie!" Carly was freaking out.

"Kiddo!" said Spencer, "Don't worry! You and Freddie go to court tomorrow and stall the judge as long as you can. Me and the Gibster will try and catch the crim."

"Yeah!" agreed Gibby, "Wait, what's a crim?"

Spencer patted Gibby on the back and chuckled. "You and Freddie better go home. See you guys tomorrow!"

Freddie and Gibby walked out, thinking about Sam and visualising her in court the next day. It sent shivers down their spine.

Will Carly and Freddie be able to stall the judge long enough? Will Spencer and Gibby catch the true theif? Stay tuned for Part Two!

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