Here is the third episode of my fake iCarly season!


After a video of a "beavecoon" is posted on Splashface, Spencer becomes obsessed with beavecoons again and even creates a beavecoon fan club (of which he is the only member). At first Sam goes along wth his craziness, but eventually thinks that Spencer has gone too far. Freddie uses his tech skills to create anothe video, which he gives to Spencer to make him calm down.


  • At first Sam is sitting in the middle f the couch, but after Spencer walks in she "magically" moves to the left side.

Ship Moments


  • Freddie smiles at Carly when Spencer and Sam are watching the beavecoon video.
  • Carly puts her arm around Freddie's shoulder.
  • Freddie seems to lean in towards her when she does this.
  • Carly giggles when Freddie makes a joke about a beavecoon.


  • When Carly puts her arm around Freddie's shoulder, Sam looks back and smiles half-heartedly.
  • Sam and Freddie finish eachother's sentences "Head of beaver..." "Body of raccoon."
  • When Spencer says the word "socialising", Sam and Freddie raise their eyebrows at the same time.


  • When Sam is eating fries, Carly takes one out of her hand just before it reaches Sam's mouth.
  • Sam looks at Carly and smacks her lips together.
  • Sam flicks Carly gently, and Carly gently slaps her arm in return.

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