Here is the fifth episode of my fake iCarly season!


After Carly reads in a girl's magazine about how people can become more popular if they do community work, she suggests to Sam and Freddie that they make a mini organisation to help poor people. Sam then backs up the theory by siggesting they call it "Help for Hobos". They set up their stand and give away free hot-dogs to hobos, but Carly and Freddie decide to leave Sam to man the stall. When they return, they find that disater has struck. Sam is eating all the hot-dogs, and is charging hobos $10 to get one. Carly and Freddie try to help, but Sam has used up all the sausages and bread. They announce that they can't give anymore away, and the episode ends with the hobos attacking the stand, and the iCarly gang give up and go home.


  • When Carly is reading her magazine, at first the picture on the front is of Dan Schnieder, but in the next shot, it disappears.
  • When Freddie walks in, at first is PearPod earphones are around his neck, but in the next shot the headphones are no where to be seen, but Freddie is holding the PearPod in his hand.
  • When Carly and Freddie leave, Freddie is wearing a yellow shirt with green stripes, but when he returns the stripes are blue.

Ship Moments


  • When Freddie walks in, the song on his PearPod can be heard, and Carly only looks up at him when the song says "Look up if you love me"
  • Freddie smiles at Carly flirtatiously when she suggests community work.
  • Carly and Freddie stare at eachother smiling, only to be interrupted by Sam slamming the door.
  • Carly and Freddie go to the Groovy Smoothie together when they take their break
  • They look at eachother in shock when they see what Sam has done to the stall.


  • When Sam slams the door, Carly looks irritated, but Freddie seems to smirk.
  • Freddie comes up with the idea of giving hot dogs, and Sam replies "Mama like it...", smiling and raising her eyebrows
  • Sam smiles whenever Freddie's name is mentioned
  • Sam stuffs a hot dog in Freddie's mouth.


  • Sam takes Carly's magazine, and Carly fakes anger, in a flirty way.
  • When Carly and Freddie announce their date, Sam says "Why can't I go with Carly?"
  • Sam seems to be meaner to Freddie when he goes with Carly, hinting she feels he's "getting between" her and Carly.

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