I am going to write episodes of the future of iCarly: when Carly, Sam and Freddie are grown up!

Here are some things that will be in it!

New Characters

Jenny Smith

Jenny is a dreamy girl who is very smart and very talented at playing the flute. She is very good friends with Carly, and often goes to her for help. Sam teases her a lot, but Jenny doesn't seem to mind. Freddie has shown hints of having a crush on her, which Jenny doesn't pick up.

Laura Humpton

Laura is an energetic, positive girl who has never been seen without a smile on her face. Carly is a bit intimidated by her overly happy attitude, but otherwise likes to hang out with her. Sam is good friends with her, but can get irritated by her. Freddie just finds her weird and tries to avoid her.

Richard Kenneth

Richard is very good at technology, making him good frineds with Freddie. Carly shows attraction to him and asks Freddie a lot about him. Richard has a crush on Sam, which Sam returns to some extent. Freddie can often get into a conversation with him about tech stuff.

Character Development

Because the iCarly gang are older, of course their character has to change.

Carly Shay

Carly is more serious now and is better at drawing, although inside she is still a happy, carefree teen.

Sam Puckett

While Sam is still a tomboy, her attention span is wider and she is a bit cleverer than she used to be.

Freddie Benson

Freddie has grown into a strong man with muscles, and his crush on Carly isn't as open as it used to be, but it is still their.

I will be posting episode one of iFuture iCarly ASAP!!!

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