Here is the sixth episode of my fake iCarly season!


After a mysterious virus ruins all the computers in Seattle and "takes over" them, especially the iCarly gadgets, Carly, Sam and Freddie discover it's Nevel. However, instead of making a "rueing" speech, he asks for their help. They learn that the virus was only intended to shut down one iCarly webcast, but it got out of control and wiped out all of the Seattle computers instead. Carly takes pity on Nevel, but is still very cautious. Freddie helps him shut down the virus, but it turns out that it was a trap, and the virus grows even more powerful and now completely takes over the iCarly website. However, just when the trio think all is lost, a big button appears on Nevel's laptop screen, saying "If you wish to shut down virus, please click." Freddie, although shocked, clicks it, and iCarly is saved.


  • Freddie shuts down the video chat with Nevel, but his laighter can still be heard in the background

Ship Moment


  • When Freddie talks about Nevel's virus in a tech way, Carly smiles.
  • Freddie calls Nevel "gross", and looks at Carly, possibly thinking about the fact that he kissed her.
  • When Carly takes pity on Nevel, she immediatly takes Freddie around the shoulder, and when talking to Nevel, drags him away from Sam.
  • Freddie agrees to help Carly and Nevel, even though he made it clear he strongly disapproved of the idea.


  • When Carly takes pity on Nevel, Sam and Freddie look at eachother and say "What?!" at the same time.
  • When Freddie is tech talking, Sam interrupts and sarcastically says "Wow, so cute."
  • Freddie rolls his eyes and continues, smiling every time he made eye contact with Sam.


  • When Carly drags Freddie away from her, Sam gives her a "Why don't you do that for me?" look.
  • When Sam says "Wow, so cute", Sam and Carly's eyes flicker to eyes contact at the word "cute", and you can see the corner of their lip twitch in a smiley way.
  • When Freddie is fixing Nevel's virus, Carly and Sam gradually move away from him and closer towards eachother.

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