The second episode of my fake iCarly season!


Spencer plans a holiday for him, Carly, Sam and Freddie, but accidentaly buys two extra plane tickets. They are forced to take Mrs Benson and Gibby with them on the holiday, and many problems occur. Firstly, Mrs Benson, as always, is over-protective of Freddie. Secondly, Spencer doesn't order a big enough room, so Gibby has to sleep on the floor. He gets annoyed from this and makes Sam sleep on the floor. They are all relieved when they go back to Seattle.


  • When they are all standing in their hotel room, at first they are standing in the order Carly, Sam, Gibby, Freddie, but in the next scene they are in the order Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby.
  • When Carly gets angry at Spencer for not ordering a big enough hotel room, Sam has her hair completely to the right, but after Spencer replies it is all down her back.
  • When Gibby is sleeping on the floor, at first he is at the end next to Spencer's bed, but in the morning he is between Carly and Sam's beds.

Ship Moments


  • Carly strongly disapproves of Mrs Benson forbidding Freddie to go on the holiday, showing she wants Freddie there.
  • Freddie smiles at Carly in a flirty manner when Gibby makes Sam sleep on the floor.
  • Carly nudges Freddie flirtily when Freddie does this.


  • Sam doesn't want Mrs Benson to come, and even says (while glancing at Freddie) "I don't want her... interrupting us!"
  • Freddie agrees with her by saying "Yeah, don't come, Mom!"
  • Sam looks over at Freddie when Carly is talking to Spencer.
  • Freddie raises his eyebrows when Sam does this.


  • Since Carly and Sam's beds are so close, Sam reaches over in her sleep to Carly's hand.
  • Carly brushes Sam's hand away, but realises it's Sam's hand and takes it again.
  • When Carly is talking to Sam, Sam comes closer to her every shot until their shoulder's are touching.
  • Carly glances over and does a small smile when Sam touches Carly's shoulder.
  • When Gibby touches the girls shoulders, they both brush him away at the same time.

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